Structured Network Cable Installation in White Plains, NY

If you are looking for Professional Structured Cabling Services in White Plains NY hopefully you’ll find this article useful. 

Cable installers certified in structured cabling and network topology know the significance of this technology in modern age better than anyone else. With such a large volume of new technologies that appear every day, it is common to find improvised forms of computer or communication networks installed in many newborn facility enterprises. Unfortunately, these networks are often built without sound planning and knowledge of specific cabling norms and techniques. As a result, poor structuring cabling represents most of the problems that often occur in domestic or small business networks.

Professional cable installers in White Plains NY are geared with the knowledge and expertise to reliably install the best wiring infrastructure for data and voice networks in apartment buildings, a commercial surfaces, telecommunication facilities or data centers. The services of professional personnel are the only way to guaranty safety and proper functionality of the system.


What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is a low current and low voltage wiring standard for integrated use with voice, data, building controls and image, prepared in such a way that caters to a wide range of layouts and applications for a long period of time without requiring modifications on the physical infrastructure. This wiring framework provides users a “universal socket”, where different applications such as computers, phones, fax, LAN, cable TVs, or even sensors and alarms can be connected and used.

Structured cabling systems are designed to enable high density traffic of all types of data and voice signals (audio, video, text, VoIP, etc,). They are based on standardized interfaces and communication parameters, with the goal of creating a flexible and robust wiring infrastructure that can attend to the needs of any kind of enterprise in the long run. Its design is fully independent of the environment on which it’s used, and allows rather fast changes, maintenance and implementations in safe, efficient and controlled manner. Attributes that stem from the fact that structured cabling emerged as a solution for the expansion of telecommunications systems for White Plains NY homes and businesses.

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The physical layer of structured cabling usually consists of standardized cable types as well as patch panels and switches. Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable wiring are commonplace, but the recent addition of fiber optic cabling has improved the infrastructural possibilities of this technology even further. These features work for any kind of network (telephony, internet, TV, etc.) hereby minimizing costs and maximizing potential expandability in the future. All data and voice signals can be transmitted over the same cable of the same infrastructure (sockets, connectors, panels).

Importance of Low Voltage Cabling for Voice and Data.

A successful White Plains New York business requires good teamwork and flexibility. Organizations face constant changes that require the mobilization or reorganization of people, workspace and services. Structured cabling systems for voice and data are designed to accommodate these frequent moves and changes, thus they have become the reference of network infrastructure in the modern landscape of information technology.

Structured cabling systems can save White Plains companies a considerable amount of time and money because no other component of a holistic infrastructure has a longer life cycle nor requires so much attention and consideration from a managerial point of view. Careful planning in offices or data centers, for example, prevents congestion that could dramatically decrease the performance of the networks on which entire businesses can depend on.

Today, advanced information technology is a prerequisite to maintain a competitive edge. The sooner one recognizes the importance of this fact for businesses and how much they can be powered by this technology, the better. Because, to the extent that technology continues to evolve, a corporate, domestic or commercial network must support voice, data, video and multimedia applications by default. Moreover, the rapid growth in processing capacity, the increasing size of networks and the introduction of higher speed access methods, have created an undeniable need for reliable and manageable cabling systems. Thus, implementation of structured cabling systems for voice and data networks demands the best materials, physical infrastructures, professional services and a project that ensures the necessary guaranties for safe, fast and reliable performance for the companies or end-users. 

Our goal? To give the most effective and also problem-free application of data and also voice communication networks for our clients, while giving adaptability in physical topology to meet eventual modifications in design, users and future technological advancements.

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